Steps To Stewardship


Thank God for the many ways that he provides for your needs.

Consider how a monetary gift made during the worship service is an offering or a response to God’s love and provision in your life.

Occasionally give a monetary offering when the plate is passed during the worship service.

Getting Started

Budget a specific amount of money each week or month to give to God’s work. When you hear about critical needs in the world, in the local community, or in the church, listen for God’s prompting to make a financial gift to help meet that need.

Examples include natural disasters or a special benefit for a family displaced from their home because of a fire.

Participate in the Financial Peace University group or another small group that is studying finances from a spiritual perspective.

Going Deeper

Make a commitment to move toward tithing 10% percentage of your income to God’s work. Set a percentage with which to begin, such as 5%, and begin making regular gifts in that amount. Identify when you will plan to take your next step in moving toward a tithe.

Consider how the remainder of your income is spent. Adjust your savings, debt, and spending decisions in light of an understanding that all that we have already belongs to God.

Centering on Christ

Give the first 10% of all income to God’s work. Be responsive to God’s voice to give beyond the tithe when prompted to do so.

Consider how all of your material assets, not just a portion of your income, could be used by God to further his kingdom. Perhaps some of your assets no longer give you the pleasure they once did. Consider donating or loaning them for some mission purpose.

Make a provision in your estate plan for a portion of your assets to be given to God’s work after your death as a testimony to your investment in the treasures of heaven and the ongoing provision of God’s work in the world.

Ask God to show you how your life could be defined by generosity. Begin to live into that vision.

“Live simply so that others may simply live.” — Mahatma Gandhi

A Final Word On Stewardship

As you give to support Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church, please remember these important points on supporting the Church with your tithes and offerings.

Our first line of giving is our tithes and offerings. These funds go toward the Church’s operational budget. This budget keeps the Church operating and enables us to fulfill God’s mission for our church.

Our “second mile giving” is money given in addition to tithes. Second mile giving should not replace one’s tithe. These funds are given sacrificially as an offering above and beyond to meet the financial needs of areas that are not directly tied to the operating costs of the church.

Special offerings are important, but they should only be supported by “second mile giving”. Examples of second mile giving include children and youth camp, special mission projects, disaster relief, etc. Another example is money left at the altar for the emergency assistance fund (to help people in need) on the first Sunday of the month when we have communion. Furthermore, on the months that have five Sundays, we invite contributions for our United Methodist Children’s Home. Any special offering received by the Church will be sent to that project. Such contributions should not be considered a tithe.

Online Giving

To make a donation or setup a secure recurring, electronic giving plan, please click here.

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