Message From Pastora Misledys

Message From Pastora Misledys – Media Luna Methodist Church – Sept 29, 2018

My beautiful and wonderful sisters in Christ: May the powerful presence of our God continue to bless you with power now and always is my desire. I am very sorry for my delay in replying to emails before now. The reason is that my phone has continued to have problems with the wi-fi signal. Also, I want to tell you that my mother-in-law died so we had to travel to her home town and traveling in country is difficult.
Thank you for supporting us in prayer always. Truly, God gives us the strength to keep going. Thanks also for the Spurgeon’s reflection you sent us. I shared it with the congregation and it was of great blessing. Thanks for the package you sent. I received the button & flower buckles, the headbands and the cards. Everything arrived well and everything is very nice. 
Here we continue to pray for all of you. We always pray that God will continue to bless you richly and abundantly. With respect to the course of biblical studies (CBS)you tell me in your letter, I am very interested in doing these studies with our church.  I think it is good to have a Church that is prepared and equipped at all times. That’s why I would like if you can put us in contact with the person in charge of this study so that we could start. 

Concerning our Church I want to tell you that we meet twice a week: On Wednesdays for Bible study and prayer service. On Sundays for Sunday school and our main service.  During the week classes are given to new converts, prayer-cells and missions are attended. There are also times of intercession and fasting. Currently 80 to 100 brothers come to our services and gatherings. The church has 73 official members. Next month we are baptizing a group of new members. 

We support 8 missions. Some of them are near the town, but most are far away. That is why, every day, we need your prayers for strength because we must continue to carry out the work that God has placed in our hands. We ask for prayer for us, Pastors, our families and the Church. 
My nephew and nieces are fine. My nephew is serving his military service time so that, later on, he can start studying to be a computer teacher. My nieces are studying medicine. Although, now, one of my nieces, Jessica, is pregnant and had to ask for a special delay-license until next year. I’m going to be a great-aunt, isn’t that wonderful!!! 

I am taking this opportunity to also write to Pastor Ernie and Sister Gail:

Pastor Ernie: Thank you for always keeping us in your prayers. I desire that God continue to bless your life and that of your family in a glorious and extraordinary way. 
Gail: Thank you for your words of love and inspiration; which help us to continue on the ways of the Lord. 

To the sisters of the Noemi- Rebecca circle and to Wesley’s sisters:  Thank you for the beautiful card signed by some of you. I send you a very big kiss for being a great blessing to our lives. We thank God for granting that our church can count on people as special as you. 

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