Pack A Sack Update

Another great week for Pack a Sack – thank you very much for all your prayers for this joyful ministry.

Tampa Day School

I had the opportunity to go to Tampa Day school last Thursday as they presented me with the fundraising check from the Hawk Walk back in February. They held an assembly with the children so they were all there when they blessed us with a check for the Pack a Sack program in the amount of $1,200…how amazing is that!!! Thank you again to Susan and Jack Lamont for getting Pack a Sack involved with such a wonderful school and being blessed with such a generous donation.


Summer Plans…

Shaun and I met with Dickinson Elementary PTA President and the school Counselor to discuss how we can continue to reach children in need over the summer. Lots of progress was made and we are delighted to be working together to make this happen. The school needs to get together some additional information, speak with the parents and figure out a few additional details before we can finalize on our end but we’re getting there. The counselor is also the counselor at Town n’ Country Elementary so they are working on the possibility of delivering to TNC as well.

Jamie Wright

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