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MEDIA LUNA METHODIST CHURCH- email from Pastor Misleydis May 8, 2018-05-09

Dear sister Renee: It is our wish that rich and abundant blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ continue pouring into your lives now and forever.  Please forgive me for not answering your email sooner but I was waiting to recharge  my cellular. We are well, thanks be to God.

We are so happy to hear the news you sent us (about the Naomi-Rebecca group adopting the pastor and the church at Media Luna). How good it is that we can count on you, a wonderful church that supports God’s work in this place. We are so pleased to know that every Saturday you will be praying for us. It’s such good news because it is very important to know that we have your support at this moment

Let me tell you that, at the end of February, God told me to fast for 40 days. I told my husband and the church and we did so, starting March 1st. And, we believe, that this sister relationship with your church has been the result of that fasting, plus your prayers. This allowed the doors of friendship to be opened. Really, God is so extraordinary.

Media Luna church is growing in members and other areas, as we are having glorious experiences under open skies (this is the theme of Cuba’s Annual Conference this year)

We believe that on the temple (house-church) and pastoral home gold dust remains and golden nuggets/previous stones have appeared during our services (metaphorically). This means that God’s presence has been constant in this place. Amen! That is why we are so grateful for each person who lifts us up our ministry.

We send our greetings to Pastor Ernie and his wife, Brenda. Please tell them to remember that we have a living and powerful God who heals and saves. Media Luna church is praying for his wife’s healing. Being joined in prayer is not a coincidence, but a purpose.

To the Naomi-Rebecca Cicle we send a big kiss and loving hugs, praying that they will continue forward in their ministry, in the name of our Lord, knowing that “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”, Philippians 4: 13.

To Sally, please tell her that we are praying for her and her family so God may be with them and strengthen her and her family. We are also praying for your husband’s Pete health. We declare him well, blessed and in victory.

Here is some of the information you asked for
Media Luna Methodist Church, Pastora: Misleydi Mendoza Rodriguez
Pastora’s husband: Roberto Delfin Cuenca Sánchez
Appointed to this church at Cuba’s Annual Conference – July 2016
No children (for the time being) but I have 3 young Christian nephew and nieces whom we love as our own (niece- 19 years old, another one -18 years old and a nephew 18 years old)
I am sending you a big, big kiss, thanking God for your lives. ❤ – your husband, family and the brothers and sisters at Wesley.

Pastora: Misleydi Mendoza Rodriguez

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